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Tusevo Landu-

"Black Like The Depth Of My Africa" Ode to Langston Hughes

Tusevo Landu

These Walls

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PRESENTED BY : Tusevo Landu


R 7,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Acrylic,charcoal, collage on Fabriano
Height 70.00 cm
Width 50.00 cm
Artist Tusevo Landu
Year 2020

These Walls  is an artwork that explores the concept of space, how place influences how identity. Place and identity are two inseparable themes. Whenever we want to identify our identity one of the first thing we look at his our background where we come from, at times this have nothing to do with your nationality but where you live, what influences you. In this image there's a woman right at the bottom part of the mirror who's curious about the whole identity issues and wondering how would she be identified  with. Is it with the pictures on the wall, the table, chair or would it the blue wall?

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