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Sea Green

Sea Green

Jo Roets


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Edition Size 0
Medium Air-Drying Clay
Height (cm) 36
Width (cm) 41
Artist Jo Roets

Light relief, Air-Drying Clay sculpture, framed in Kiaat behind glass

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R 8,500.00 ex. vat
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Created during lockdown, at a time when the whole world stopped. I was trying to make sense of it all. Everything felt like it was falling apart, but at the same time also feeling like everything was coming together.

I needed to create and document the moment. With clay stocks running low, shops and couriers coming to an abrupt halt, I found off-cut pieces of clay that I kept from my solo from 2019.

The off-cuts were used as a starting point. To convey the feeling of being unconnected and connected at the same time. To express the feeling of things falling apart whilst still being stuck together.

The whole experience of creating this piece was rewarding in the sense that it ran parallel with a lockdown theme that was playing out in my personal life -  "work with what you have".  Re-use, re-purpose and re-imagine.

Sometimes the only constant in life is to trust in the process.

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