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Handwoven Wall Art - 'Safeguard' x Elléna Lourens

Wana Udobang


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Edition Size 10
Medium Film
Artist Wana Udobang
Year Created 2014

Shrink (2014) is a film tribute to all women, and a powerful film work by Wana Udobang. The body politic is an important interrogation when discussing the female body and more importantly, valuing it.This courageous and highly relatable film and literary focus by the artist resonates with every woman and young girl considering her relationship with her body, its physical size, shape and form, and the kinds of feelings society forces us to have towards our bodies by shaming us for our shape and size. Women are fat-shamed in the media and in their homes and workplaces daily and they are depicted as unattractive and undesirable because of their size most of the time. This leads to feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, depression and so much sadness and pain. In the story a young woman must come to terms with the conflict raging between herself, her body, and society’s perception of her body. She confesses to the reader her tortured attempts to make her body conform to the rule that it won’t be beautiful until it shrinks.

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