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Paul Edmunds


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Frame None
Medium Six-layer woodcut on Zerkall Litho, 270 gsm
Height (cm) 70
Width (cm) 60
Artist Paul Edmunds
Year Created 2021

The work begins with a Lego sculpture I made in 2015.  From the interaction of simple waveforms, or zig-zags, results a complex, unpredictable topography. I was thinking then about Wade Davis' famous Wayfindersbook, in which he describes the ancient navigational techniques of Polynesian sailors, or 'wayfinders'. Using only their senses, they distinguish between different sorts of waves and discern by their nature and direction which, for example, are reflected off landmasses not yet visible over the horizon. From such sensory information they assemble a highly detailed and accurate knowledge of their environment.

But in the end, the print is really an exercise in some very rudimentary carving on my part and Georgina Berens' expertise in printing and registration, as well as her ability to colour-match the green of my favourite corduroy trousers. Jake Aikman's most compelling seascapes in the studio clearly exert some kind of a pull too.

– Paul Edmunds, 2021