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What Do You See

Zana Masombuka-2009: Namba S'khambe

2009: Namba S'khambe

Zana Masombuka

2009: Namba S'khambe

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PRESENTED BY : Zana Masombuka


R 16,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Tecco BTT270 Archival
Height 84.10 cm
Width 59.40 cm
Artist Zana Masombuka
Year 2019

This project aims to explore the politics of “a seat at the table” and how capitalism and inequality inform the dynamics and rules of engagement within this institutional paradigm. It takes us on a journey, following a subject through their navigation of their conscious and subconscious life and the fears that exist in both realms. Secondly, the project aims to explore the complexities of indigenous cultures paralled with the modern world; and how this impacts the post-colonial world of the African in the 4th wave of globalization . Thirdly, the project aims to explore the price of representation and the importance of recognizing Africa’s heterogenous nature in the call for unity through representation. Lastly the project acts an invitation of a new idea of being, beyond the existence of current schools of thought and institutions. 

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