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Cheryl Traub-Adler-The Angels Visit

The Angels Visit

Cheryl Traub-Adler

Crab Necklace

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R 6,000.00 ex. vat
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Edition Size 1
Medium Oil on Canvas
Height 51.00 cm
Width 41.00 cm
Artist Cheryl Traub-Adler
Year 2021

This work forms part of a body of work created during the pandemic and as a response to the pandemic, it traverses a space between the completely abstract and a slightly more representational, more so, a symbolic space, within the artist's own exploration within her larger practice.

*elementals & incidentals

The intimacy of crowds has disappeared and the nostalgia of travel is part of a deeper longing that is a sense of a lost reality.

My own imagination has turned to the narrative of paint on canvas, and the journey that the unconscious wonderings tell.

This working is a type of synesthesia; a sensing through a subjective lens and translated into colour and sensual textuality.

An expressive style that is grounded in a deep understanding of the history of painting, these paintings could be described as part dream-fantasy, part Surreal Abstract.

With age, freedom has overtaken fear and this is made manifest in a continual absorption of the primary purpose of what it takes to be continually in the process of creativity.

The work is testimony to this abandon and portrays a world that is located within a deepening understanding of alchemy and the mysterious ways of nature.”

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