Latitudes Conditions of Sale


By accepting a quotation or an invoice from Latitudes.Online (“Latitudes”), you (“the client”) explicitly or tacitly agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions laid out below. Latitudes shall ship your purchase after full and complete payment of your invoice.

  1. Final Cost: The quotation provided is subject to change. The final invoice provided by Latitudes shall be considered the final cost of the shipping services.
  2. Shipping Address: The client has provided a physical address as the destination address for the goods. The client understands that a PO Box, parcel locker addresses or incorrect physical address is likely to result in an unsuccessful delivery, for which Latitudes and its supplier shall not be held liable.
  3. Insurance: The client understands that insurance of the goods is not included in the quotation or invoice provided unless specifically agreed upon with Latitudes.
  4. Liability: Latitudes shall not be held liable for any harm resulting from the conduct of third-party shipping suppliers, contracted to undertake the shipping services, including but not limited to negligence, gross negligence or willful intent. Such harm includes damage to the goods, delay or late delivery.
  5. Additional Costs: The client may be responsible for additional costs, including but not limited to customs duties, taxes and “return to sender” shipping costs and fees. The client agrees to settle these amounts directly with Latitudes’ supplier on request and understands these amounts are not included in the quotation provided by Latitudes.