Balekane Legoabe

Balekane Legoabe

Balekane Legoabe is a visual artist, illustrator and animator based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Legoabe works in both digital and traditional media. Her practice includes mixed media drawings, digital collages and animations. Legoabe's art journey began in high school. The artist matriculated from The National School of the Arts in 2013, having specialised in Visual Arts. She then went on to study at The Open Window Institute from 2014 - 2018 where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication with a specialisation in Illustration, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Film Arts specialising in Motion Design and Stop Motion and puppetry.

In terms of themes in her work, Legoabe explores the concept of liminality in relation to emotional states. She gravitate towards the use of organic objects, specifically plants, animals and human figures. These elements are living and breathing, thus we feel a stronger connection to them. Legoabe wants her work to create a visceral experience that encourages and propels viewers to tap into the complexity and obscurity of the emotions that they feel and recognise that they exist within a liminal space.

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Solo Exhibition - WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE IN WATER, StateoftheART Gallery, online
2019 Summer Salon Exhibition - Bag Factory, Johannesburg
Collaborative Exhibition 'The Fatuous State Of Severtity' at TMRW Gallery
Group exhibition Ín This, I Found Myself'- No End Contemporary Art Space, Johannesburg StateoftheART Gallery Award Finalists Exhibition - Cape Town
Turbine Art Fair - No End Contemporary Art Space Booth, Johannesburg
Joint exhibition with Bianca Brand - No End Contemporary Art Space, Johannesburg
Joint exhibition with MJ Turpin - No End Contemporary Art Space @ FNB Art Jhb.

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