Abe Mathabe

Abe Mathabe

Born in Pimville, a bustling informal settlement near Soweto, South Africa, this artist is the fourth among eight siblings. Art has been a constant thread woven throughout their life since childhood. Growing up with limited resources fostered remarkable creativity, leading them to craft toys from anything they could find - clay, paper, sticks, and even discarded objects.

Their artistic talent blossomed in grade four when a teacher recognized their exceptional skill and commissioned their very first artwork. This initial endeavor earned them a proud 20 cents, a significant accomplishment. While dance and music also held appeal, art ultimately captured their heart and became their primary focus.

Through the generosity of a sponsor, the artist qualified as a graphic designer at the Johannesburg Art Foundation. Their dedication to artistic growth led them to further studies at Artist Proof Studios in Newtown, Johannesburg, where they spent an additional three years honing their craft.

This artistic journey wasn't confined to studios and classrooms. It included remarkable travels that broadened their perspective, taking them to Cardiff, Wales; Burnie, Tasmania; and Amsterdam.

Image Credit: Giovanni Piesco.

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