David Brits-Sinusoidal Nebulous VII

Sinusoidal Nebulous VII

Bulumko Mbete-Tsomo/Scotland to Tsomo

Tsomo/Scotland to Tsomo

David Brits

Sinusoidal Nebulous IV

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PRESENTED BY : David Brits


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Edition Size 1
Medium Carbon Fibre, 3D Printed ABS, Resin.
Height 30.00 cm
Width 27.00 cm
Artist David Brits
Year 2017

Carbon Fibre Sculpture. 

Famously, in the late 19th Century the German organic chemist August Kekulé had a dream of a snake biting its tail. He described this as the eureka moment when, after decades dedicated to working out the structure of hydrocarbons, the shape of the snake biting its tail in a dream provided a crucial clue to deciphering the molecular structure of benzine. Benzine has a C6 structure, one closely linked to the C4 molecular structure of carbon fibre, the material in which these sculptures are made.

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