Oteng Keabetswe


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PRESENTED BY : Tsholofelo Radebe


R 8,500.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Charcoal on paper
Height 84.10 cm
Width 59.40 cm
Artist Oteng Keabetswe
Year 2023

The artwork featuring a cow skull with a figure on top of it is a striking image that evokes a sense of mysticism and primal energy. 


At its core, this charcoal drawing is  an expression of his fascination with the raw power of nature and the cycles of life and death.The cow skull is a symbol of mortality and the impermanence of life, while the figure on top of it represents the force of life that persists beyond death. This figure may be interpreted in a number of ways: it could be seen as a spirit animal, a deity, or simply a representation of the vital energy that animates all living things.In some interpretations, the figure on top of the cow skull may be viewed as a shaman or other mystical figure who has communed with the spirits of the natural world. 


This interpretation suggests that the artwork is a celebration of the connection between humans and nature, and a recognition of the profound wisdom that can be gained through this connection.

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