The Strategic Radicals-The Strategic Radicals Manifesto Yoruba

The Strategic Radicals Manifesto Yoruba

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History Lesson

The Strategic Radicals

The Strategic Radicals Manifesto Arabic

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Medium Silkscreen
Artist The Strategic Radicals
Year 2018

The strategic radicals manifesto.

An exclusive range of silk-screen prints, based on the strategic radicals’ manifesto.

Arabic edition : lagoon blue on a darker shade of lime background, edition of 50. 

Designed by Karl-Heinz Best of mind the gap! design, Frankfurt.

Based on the heraldic animal of the manifesto, created by Emeka Alams. Printed by Renate Vogl, Studio für Serigrafie, Offenbach.


Available languages: English, French, Turkish, Yoruba, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic – more to follow.

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