Nicola Taylor-Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Lwando Dlamini-Liso Yolanda Dlamini

Liso Yolanda Dlamini

Tommaso Fiscaletti and Nic Grobler


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PRESENTED BY : Tommaso Fiscaletti and Nic Grobler


R 35,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame Brown wooden Frame
Medium Original Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Baryta Cotton Paper mounted on Plexiglass
Height 55.00 cm
Width 68.00 cm
Artist Tommaso Fiscaletti and Nic Grobler
Year 2018

’I’m actually from Kuilsriver, but we moved to Paarl and I got heavy asthma - so we decided to move here. Since we’ve been here I don’t get any asthma - nature became my health-pill here. I’m relaxed. We are totally off the grid - we don’t have a landline, or cell reception and the police van doesn’t even catch his radio signal here. We are cut off from the world and like it that way - and the kids can’t bother us unnecessarily. We do go to town once a week and then they can reach us. If there is an emergency the police will come out and call us. I prefer this place, because here you can actually see the stars - you get the feeling that they are so near that you want to pick them like flowers, while in town you don’t see it as there are too many lights around you. Here you get the darkness and it is so near to nature. I look at the moon basically every night because I walk up and down between the kitchen and here. Actually when I look at the moon I can almost tell you how many days it will be until full moon or till dark moon. You pick up a lot of things about the nature - like when it will rain. You can tell by the baboons and how they are screaming, by the ants carrying their food. Nature is absolutely part of my life here and I wouldn’t exchange it for town - not at all. I mean, you can’t actually describe all of this, you got to be here to feel it - to be part of it… sort of. I just acknowledge myself as a very privileged person, to be here - just to see the sky and nature on the ground and everything all come together. You have to be here to see what is going on - to live with it. Then you start to believe how great nature is, how great God is. I mean he put everything there for us and it fits together like a puzzle. I got no worry about time because when you are in nature you lose time, because there are so many things you observe. Time is not a factor here. You must not worry about getting older because you will get older.’


97x120cm edition of 4+1(ap) R50000 including framing

55x68cm edition 4+1(ap)  R35000 including framing

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