Bontle Juku


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PRESENTED BY : Tsholofelo Radebe


R 30,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Photography, Photographic print on fine art matte paper.
Height 84.10 cm
Width 59.40 cm
Artist Bontle Juku
Year 2022

About the artwork:
The core of this body of work seeks to interrogate how the medium of portrait photography has

been used historically to form misrepresentations about the black body, specifically focusing on

how colonial photographers made use of photographic lighting techniques and the photographic

studio as a means to construct their perceptions of the black body. To address the issue of

colonial misrepresentation, through postcolonial theory I explore how I can make use of the

same mediums to create photographic representations of the black body that subvert colonial


The title ‘Lesedi La Hae’ (her light) speaks to the God essence, the powerful and spiritual

energy of the medium of light which cannot be contained or defined by the colonial gaze and

goes beyond the physical attributes of the medium.

The portrait entitled, 'ZANA' acts as a recognition of the expansiveness of one’s own light. It

invites us to look deeper into ourselves to better understand the nature of the light we carry. The

work acts as an ode to the cycle of life, death and rebirth, beyond the perspective of linear time.

Furthermore, it aims to transcend the limitations that our mind places on our spirit, and

consequently our light. The project invites the viewer to step into their own light completely, to

accept the invitation of a rising vibration . To honour the spirit by being present in the expansion.

The print on the blanket represents the spiritual invitation of the expanding light and the crown is


the acceptance of the invitation

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