Phumulani Ntuli-At the Border Post

At the Border Post

Charlae Baragwanath-Barter-'The water bearers  2'

'The water bearers 2'

Charlae Baragwanath-Barter

Conversations in cotton. 'The giraffe and tortoise'

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PRESENTED BY : Charlae Baragwanath-Barter


R 4,100.00 ex. vat
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Frame Light wood frame with work floated on glass
Medium textile. thread on fabric
Height 27.00 cm
Width 26.00 cm
Artist Charlae Baragwanath-Barter
Year 2022

The giraffe and tortoise is a folktale about the consequences of being a bully. The tortoise finds a unique way to stop the giraffe from bullying him.  Animals are often used in folktales and given human traits, thereby making the stories relatable. 

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