Sana King

Sana King (23), real name Thobile Pamela Mavuso, is a Johannesburg-based poet, healer, and self-taught multi-disciplinary artist. She is an award-winning author of a Songs Broken Women Sing, a poetry anthology that was published in 2019. Sana is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she is experimenting with painting, photography, text, sonic, and printmaking as mediums. Her poetry journey began at the age of eleven old as a response to challenges she was facing at home and as a way of processing emotions and a pathway to healing. Her painting practice began as a confrontation towards her fear of painting and as a search for her creative self. Sana tells stories in the form of a limitless brown figure/being existing within colorful patterns inspired by her Ndebele cultural identity and explores mapping, healing, self-preservation, and spirituality, which are themes found in her poetry. Sana King had her first solo exhibition at Wits Art House windows in 2022 titled The Brown Figure: Abstract Expressionism, which was about the search for meaning as a journey to finding self and to realizing our power and internal resources. It extends to reimagining healing and mapping a way back to the inner child and connecting to color and nature as healing elements. Her work has shown in two group exhibitions, NEWWORK 22 at Wits Art Museum and an online exhibition titled Echoes in Conversation in 2020.

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