Soliana Tewolde-Abyss of Massawa

Abyss of Massawa

Nadine Mathenjwa-U’moya wo’noluthando

U’moya wo’noluthando

Nadine Mathenjwa

In confidence

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PRESENTED BY : Nadine Mathenjwa


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Frame None
Medium Acrylic paint x collage on canvas
Height 85.00 cm
Width 71.00 cm
Artist Nadine Mathenjwa
Year 2022

“in confidence”

I’ve gained allot of confidence using fashion as a tool to cover up the low self esteem I’ve had from getting negative comments about having dark skin as a child. 


A hand full of black children have been conditioned to either hate their black skin, hair or what they’re body looks like. 


Grotesqueness and beauty standards are nuances in the world of fashion, thus making fashion a form of self expression and much less a tool to hide. 

“In confidence” is aimed at raising  awareness on the damage that primitive name calling and body shaming causes to the confidence of Africans.

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