Gallery 2 | Matterings / Mutterings

Gallery 2 | Matterings / Mutterings

MATTERINGS / MUTTERINGS : University of Johannesburg Visual Art Department Faculty Exhibition

This exhibition showcases the diverse talents of the University of Johannesburg's Visual Art department.

Participating Artists:

Karin Basel
Kim Berman
Angelique Bougaard
Bevan de Wet
Bronwen Findlay
Gordon Froud
Alison Kearney
Mariapoala McGurk
Sachin Narain
Anitra Nettleton
David Paton
Alexa Pienaar
Landi Raubenheimer
Ruth Sacks
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Shonisani Netisha
Minnette Vári
Diane Victor
Colleen Winter

April 1st - April 29th, 2023

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