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Thero Makepe

Fly Machine/Mogaka

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PRESENTED BY : Thero Makepe


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Thero-Makepe_Fly Machine/Mogaka
More Information
Medium Photography and Design
Artwork Height 17.5
Artwork Width 22.5
Artist Thero Makepe
Year 2018

Fly Machine/Mogaka. as a body of work, is an act and product of memorialisation. The photo book memorialises the life of Botswana Defence Force pilot Major Cliff Manyuni, who bravely steered his stricken fighter jet away from Gabarone and saving many lives in the process, at the sacrifice of his own. In this body of work, Makepe aimed to explore the grey area between collective and personal memory as well as reality and imagination. In making this English and Setswana book, Makepe aims to slow down time and make space for the contemplation of a man who put first the greater good of his people. 

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