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Jessica Michelle Le Roux


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PRESENTED BY : Jessica Michelle Le Roux


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Frame None
Medium Montage limited edition print on 230gsm archival Fine Art matt coated paper
Height (cm) 60
Width (cm) 43
Artist Jessica Michelle Le Roux
Year Created 2022

In Nature we Trust aims to bring mindfulness towards the way we experience nature within a 'digital sensorium' and how the postmodern lifestyle has in many ways disconnected the human experience and our integral connection within nature. The work explores the lens of experience and seeks to instil a link, appreciation for preservation and understanding that each and everyone on this planet is a part of the ricochet effect within the global community. Furthermore, the work seeks to encourage dialogue in raising concerns of our responsibility as postmodern consumerists. We live in a world in which we so desperately need to learn to tread lightly by considering the trails we leave behind.