Jessica Michelle Le Roux-Holiday Nostalgia

Holiday Nostalgia

Jessica Michelle Le Roux-99.8% Alike

99.8% Alike

Jessica Michelle Le Roux


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PRESENTED BY : Jessica Michelle Le Roux


R 5,200.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Edition Size 10
Medium Original interdisciplinary work digitally altered & created in a limited edition archival print on 270gsm Ilford silk paper
Height 63.00 cm
Width 88.00 cm
Artwork Height 84
Artwork Width 59
Artist Jessica Michelle Le Roux
Year 2021

The Colour series evolved from process work of etchings and ink drawings that later developed into digitally manipulated art. The research set out to gain insights into the personal experience and collective emotional connections, responses and reactions to colour. I started investigating the meaning of colour associated, instilled and experienced within various philosophical, scientific, religious and cultural interpretations. The body of work was built out of select colours, which were predominant across the board. The work brings awareness towards a celebration of diversity and, at the same time, likeness in the essence of the shared experience. The connotations and reactions colour provides within the archetypal human experience evokes emotional responses.

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