Sera Holland-Wood for the Trees

Wood for the Trees

Jessica Michelle Le Roux-Momentum Disc Theory

Momentum Disc Theory

Jessica Michelle Le Roux

Migration patterns

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PRESENTED BY : Jessica Michelle Le Roux


R 11,500.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Edition Size 10
Medium Original interdisciplinary work digitally altered & created in a limited edition archival print on 380gsm canvas
Height 105.00 cm
Width 160.00 cm
Artist Jessica Michelle Le Roux
Year 2022

There exists a subtlety in the natural world within interconnection, frequencies, vibration, light spectrums and communications which the human species understands so very little of. The impulse living in which many of us exist has shifted so far from that of survival and instincts. In becoming more mindful of experiences, our senses and our purpose, the body of work titled 'Dear Unnatural World' developed in the hopes of sparking broader conversations and awareness around the unnatural footprints we leave behind as a global community. The swallows are suspended in the foreground as the mishmash and interconnection between the land, the skies and the bodies of water become ever interconnected as global warming quietly shapeshifts the landscape.

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