Jessica Michelle Le Roux-The world's gone mad

The world's gone mad

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Jessica Michelle Le Roux

Holiday Nostalgia

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PRESENTED BY : Jessica Michelle Le Roux


R 1,100.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Edition Size 20
Medium Montage limited edition print on 230gsm archival Fine Art matt coated paper
Height 42.00 cm
Width 43.00 cm
Artist Jessica Michelle Le Roux
Year 2022

Holiday Nostalgia is a work that is a part of a new body of work titled Old Wordly. The series explores archived memories of photographed moments captured in time from an era that almost feels to be a part of another world. The dated imagery is set back within the layers and converses with the 'new' image created of digital motif layers. The digital world merges to meet our experiences in the physical realm in our current day and age, often experienced in uncanny ways. In this works' context, the term old worldly stands for its nostalgia, admiration and characteristics or reminiscence of the charms of the old world. When consumerism wasn't an issue, every penny turned twice, resources were preserved, and life just seemed simpler.

Selective moments captured in yesteryear by the middle-class family were seen as expensive and usually had particular significance, for instance, a holiday or special family occasion. In the world of technology in which we reside, there is a loss in that single moment, as though the mass of digitally capturing, retaking and deleting moments has given the moment of capture less value. The body of work intends to instil mindfulness in that experience is a fleeting moment, that certain traits of the old world should keep the balance and checks of the present and future in check. The old world is there to remind us to live a present life.

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