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Aerial Views l

Jessica Michelle Le Roux


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PRESENTED BY : Jessica Michelle Le Roux


R 5,400.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Edition Size 10
Medium Hand coloured etching on fine art paper
Height 78.50 cm
Width 59.90 cm
Artist Jessica Michelle Le Roux
Year 2015.2021

The body of work titled New Babylon was inspired by Constant Huizinga’s belief in a life driven by creativity which was believed to have the potential to create a fulfilled and well-balanced society.  The Homo Ludens was defined as ‘The Man of Play’.  It was said that we all have a creative inner nature if only given a chance to express.  Humans would then seen and experience life as creative beings, driven by inspiration as opposed to work and time. The need for work would be replaced by a nomadic lifestyle of imaginative play.


Creating ‘a city in the sky’ was hypothesized by Constant due to his observations of the gipsies who were banned from the outskirts of small towns.  The gipsies embraced the notion of the Homo Ludens, they lacked knowledge of the theories, their lives were naturally led by its ideas. With the lifestyle of the content gipsies in mind with no place to go, Constant designed New Babylon; it was not merely seen as a mega-structure but stood as a design for a new culture. Collision reflects on the notion. Members of a community observe standing in front of a mega-structure intended to be reminiscent of the cycle of time. 

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