Anushka Kempken

Anushka Kempken

Astrologers often describe the planets as weaving their dances around the sky. This concept became particularly interesting to Kempken when she considered how humans weave their lives around each other too. Kempken began weaving three years ago, fascinated by chaos versus order. She found herself moved by the meditative space she entered into by repeating the familiar ‘over, under, over, under’ movement of the strands of paper she weaved.

Over the past three years, her weavings have continued to take her to a quiet and still place, offering time to listen to thoughts and feelings, uninterrupted. It is in that space that Kempken developed and strengthened her relationship to the divine, to intuition and to her sense of purpose in the world:

We are weaving the direction we are taking for our future. We are co-creating with the universe our new reality, each thought, feeling, interaction and conversation is adding to the future we have in store for ourselves and the world. It is with every one of these thoughts that we can make a choice to create a beautiful world or not. In every single moment, we can create a pathway for our collective Well-Being. Thoughts become things. By weaving our energy intentionally, with grace and love we create more intentional grace and love in the world. We create a world where love can be seen in all areas of our lives, we live in harmony with nature and harmoniously co-create with the universe. We are the true alchemists, we are all The Rain Makers. 

Kempken has, with deliberate intention, chosen to shape and create works by first destroying them - cutting them up - only to recreate them into something new. This process of intention, creation, destruction and recreation is again a representation of the internal journey the artist experiences. Each work has been made in order to shift something within the artist's own consciousness and in turn the universal collective consciousness, expanding her awareness of internal and external existences. The titles are often inspired by affirmations, gentle reminders, concepts or ideas that moved the artist deeply.

Inhaling, expanding. Exhaling, releasing. Gently and easily. Weaving.

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There are currently no artworks by this artist available on Latitudes. Please contact [email protected] if you would like us to source works.