Barbara Wildenboer

Barbara Wildenboer uses a combination of analogue and digital processes to create sculptural artworks that primarily consist of collage, photo and paper-construction as well as digitally-animated photographic sculpture. Wildenboer also creates delicately-cut altered books which often contain maps, atlases and scientific subject matter, sometimes using images from the book as central elements to her pieces. Imagery and words become components of the larger designs, as she crafts new visual narratives from the raw material. Through her practice Wildenboer creates contemporary surrealist landscapes that provide commentary on the human condition and our negligence with respect to our natural environment. Wildenboer has participated in several group exhibitions and art fairs both nationally and internationally, including South Africa, San Francisco, Washington, London, Dubai, Sydney and Hong Kong. In 2011 she was selected as one of the finalists for the Sovereign African Arts Award for which she received the Public Choice Prize.

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