Dewan Craven

Dewan Craven

Dewan Craven, born in South Africa in 1988, creates art to defrag any given matrix presented in his life, mind and spirit. This gives him options on experiences to be considered to engage in on a daily. His work is a "time capsule" of past and present through which he uses art to close and summarise chapters in his life. The artist's preferred mediums of art are oils, inks, chalk, pastels of all types, and anything that inspires him, as well as any finds at the hardware store.

His subject matter is spiritually inclined. Craven is a natural mystic and uses art as an opportunity to make sense of his messages and impart what those who feel drawn to his work required. What differs his work from other artist's is that his work is spiritual by nature is and spontaneous in the application as he believes his inner spirit dictates flow with the message and the mediums he is being called to use.

The artist believes his work is called to see healing through spirituality as a means of unlearning conditioned taboos by incorporating light into shadow. This dual approach embraces both sources, allowing lessons to be learned and taught in their most authentic form. This encourages the experience of individual healing through personal growth. Bringing shadows to the light is fundamentally the purpose of his life. His body of work provokes strong emotions from the audience.

It embraces what some might condor as taboo and seeks to reconcile people's prejudices and personal projections. Craven's work makes some people uncomfortable while giving other joy as he strives to bring moments of enlightenment and connection through his narrative.

Inspired by those who came before him, like Lori Mirabelli, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Emile Nolde and Willem de Kooning, whose practices were largely drawn from experiences with particular surroundings, feed into his belief that everything is vibration. His work is intended to resonate with those who want to feel something that will inspire or ignite a deeper purpose within themselves.

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