Grant de Lange

Grant de Lange

Grant de Lange was born in Gauteng in October 1984 and was educated at Northwood boys High, then in 2001 to 2005 he attended the Durban University of Technology, where he studied art and design graduating with distinctions in drawing.

Grant currently lives and works in Durban South Africa. His oeuvre is currently dominated by portraiture expressed in varying stylized and realistic executions. His range is not limited to portraiture exclusively nonetheless.

The image he produces captures the intricacies of the human emotive, experience, a moment of time is frozen in all its complexities. His interpretations always convey a deeper meaning, through nuance.

Grant’s work is represented in corporate and private collections around the globe.

We take pride in being an exclusive touching point with his work and welcome the opportunity to aid in reselling his artwork on your behalf in the future, as an added service.

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