Ibrahim Khatab

Ibrahim Khatab

Ibrahim Khatab was born in Cairo 1984, works as a co-teacher at Cairo University. He works across the mediums of painting, video art and installation.

Khatab has been practicing since his youth – when he was 12 years old, he created billboards on cloths and walls that were put up in the streets of Cairo. This experience at the beginning of his practice continues to influence his work and ignited his passion for the Arabic calligraphy which can consistently be seen reflected in his works. Since 2007, his work has been presented frequently in group shows and solo exhibitions. He has garnered notable recognition locally, exhibiting across various art centres and galleries in Cairo, but has seen impressive exposure abroad, having exhibited widely – from Sweden to Cape Town to Oman.

He has regularly participated in the annual Youth Salon, Cairo, and has also led many workshops in Visual Arts Center, Oman; Fine Arts Association, Doha; and Sharjah Children Biennial (2013). He has been awarded various prizes for his work and in 2018, obtained his PhD from Cairo University. Khatab is currently resident in Cairo, Egypt and represented by Eclectica Contemporary in Southern Africa.

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