Nomvula Hoko-Indawo yam I

Indawo yam I

Keiskamma Art Project-Equality


Nomvula Hoko

Indawo yam II

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PRESENTED BY : Nomvula Millicent Hoko


R 7,400.00 ex. vat
More Information
Frame None
Edition Size 3
Medium Photography
Height 70.00 cm
Width 50.00 cm
Artwork Height 70
Artwork Width 50
Artist Nomvula Hoko
Year 2020

It's a black and white photographic image. Taken next to a river, there's a ground with stones showing the spiritual moment. Wearing cultural and ancestral accessories. ( wearing the herd on my shoulders shows the greatness in the ancestors, using Ikhamba ( khalabash) to show I was appeasing to my ancestors thanking them for everything I the river.

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