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Untitled, Maputo, 2016
Gabrielle Guy
2050 ex. vat
Untitled, Kleinbaai, 2017
Gabrielle Guy
3150 ex. vat
Untitled, Prague, 2018
Gabrielle Guy
3650 ex. vat
DIN A4, Cape Town, 2018
Gabrielle Guy
7300 ex. vat
Untitled, Bothasig, 2018
Gabrielle Guy
3650 ex. vat
Untitled, Cape Town, 2014
Gabrielle Guy
1650 ex. vat


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Marikana by Alon Skuy

Lerato Nkosi is fascinated by the influence we wield over each other, and how – with a word of encouragement, a piece of advice or a gentle nudge in a certain direction – one person can change another’s life. She’s even more intrigued by the fact that, often, it’s a woman who holds this transformative power.

When art collections
go public

Some African based collectors seem more interested in advancing art than their own taste, when they bring their works into the public realm. Others want to drum up the value and interest in the artists they support.

Documenta 15 is a global-south-centric event but are we its intended audience?

The art of illustration

The winner of the Nando's Creative Exchange competition

Examining the portraiture genre, beyond speculation in the art market


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Astrid Krag-Olsen
Benji Reid
Cameron Platter
Dion Cupido
Lee du Ploy


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The Melrose Gallery

Solo Exhibition by Edozie Anedu

Nel | Current Affairs - Conversations about the body 2.0 by M I L K Collective

Nel | Current Affairs
Conversations about the body 2.0 by M I L K

David Krut Projects | On Soft Ground by Heidi Fourie

David Krut Projects
On Soft Ground by Heidi Fourie

99 Loop Gallery | Alchemy

99 Loop Gallery

Everard Read Gallery | Pasada by Thonton Kabeya

Everard Read Gallery
Pasada by Thonton Kabeya

Claude Chandler

Claude Chandler
In a world now molded by social and online media, everything has become digitized. In its primal core all internet information and imagery is nothing more than 1’s and 0’s (binary code), this transformation factors to the basis for my body of work. As a child I was fascinated with computers, especially the ability to ‘Hack’. To me this meant that a world could be manipulated and transformed with creativity... Hackers challenge and change the system to make them work differently, to make them better. A ‘Hacker’ then could actually be applied to any field... I describe myself as a ‘Portrait Hacker’.

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