Francoise Viglietti

Francoise Viglietti

Francoise Viglietti is an impressionist, figurative oil painter who enjoys using colour as a means to create emotive impact, juxtapositioning strong complimentary colours and using light fragmented in many different hues.

Her work is exciting and full of energy!  It has strong leanings to ethnic genres and colour schemes. These influences are drawn from her many travels throughout Africa and her visits to the Massai, Himba and other people.

She documents her inner life-journey through the means of symbolism, colour, texture, dreams and subconscious mark making.  Weaving a tapestry of oil paint amalgamated with spirit, time and reality.

Recently Francoise has returned to her love of sculpture and works with free energetic strokes leaving marks to remain indicating energy and movement. Her work is modern and unique. She portrays themes of intimacy, such as “mother and child”, ” lovers” and of balance like acrobats and risk like trapeze artists who fly without wings!

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