Artist Rheece Moonjava expresses the worlds of consciousness in his illustrations and paintings. His key topic is the awakening of humankind and the process of self-realization.

He has a deep love for nature and adventure. His activities include sailing, playing the accordion, creating art and traveling to new places, which inspires his choice of subjects.

The artist creates extremely detailed ink drawings as well as large expressive paintings to satisfy the two completely opposite sides of his mind. His art pieces created with ink and color relay messages to the subconscious, they intend to awaken the viewer to a deeper perception of reality and to convey instructions on the evolution of human beings. In his drawings, Rheece also portrays the unconsciousness of humanity yet always adds a positive note to balance out the feelings.

Rheece has been creating art ever since he could hold a pen and has refined his unique style over the course of his entire life.

He was born in Nelspruit Mpumalanga in 1988, traveled around Africa in his early childhood, and grew up for 12 years in Germany. His extensive travels around India in his early twenties have added a Hindu touch to most of his art and his life in general.

Rheece, his wife Lain and son Blu live in Cullinan Pretoria where they are building their base from where they can work towards their dreams.

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