`In A Pond of Catfishes'



Chinwe Chigbu


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Medium Archival giclée print (K3 ink) on 100% cotton 300gsm archival paper
Height (cm) 76.2
Width (cm) 50.8
Artist Chinwe Chigbu
Year Created 2019

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The `Muse' series of works reclaims the Black body, experience and life, taking it back and centralising it. A black and white/ monochromatic self portrait, conceptual photography of the black female body with a glass cup on her head juxtaposed with an image of a leafless tree. The black female body represents the black female gender in contemporary culture.  The black female as herself/ hisself but still gazed upon through the lens of the world(her/his society)  in contemporary times and through history, regardless she is in her/his/their identity. The politics that surrounds the gaze. Representation of the intersectional groups. The work highlights identity, sexuality, sensuality, Resistance, humanity and more. The piece inspires individuality. The `Muse’ series investigates the politics that surround the black female body in contemporary culture. ⁣

The artist uses monochromatic conceptual self-portraiture to explore identity, sexuality, and physicality of the black female gender in contemporary society.  

This body of work re-examine the socio-political structures and conditions that surrounds the black (fe)male sexuality and physicality in present day'.


Artist Chinwe Chigbu uses her own identity (conceptual self- portraits) and body to explore the concept of femininity and sensuality subtly reevaluating the issue of erasure of the black feminine gender. Muse reclaims  the black body, experience, and life back.


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