Jessica Bosworth Smith-Never Really Said That I Loved You Too

Never Really Said That I Loved You Too

Christiaan Diedericks-The re-enchantment of beauty I

The re-enchantment of beauty I

Dayna-Gay Tate

fresh delight

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PRESENTED BY : Dayna-Gay Tate


R 8,500.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Oil, Oil Stick and Acrylic on Canvas
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Height 50.00 cm
Width 40.00 cm
Artist Dayna-Gay Tate
Year 2024

A bright painting from my collection of originals,LADEN, celebration of colour, abundance, joy and fullness. These artworks are vibrant, playful and yet still exude a sense of rooted calmness. | @studiodaynagay

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