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Aperitif hour

/Xam Fortuin-Protect Them

Protect Them

Candice Mouton


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PRESENTED BY : StArt Art Gallery


R 9,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Acrylic paint on canvas
Height 118.90 cm
Width 84.10 cm
Artist Candice Mouton
Year 2022

Mouton uses a surrealistic approach to evoke the imaginative, whimsical mind of a child while addressing mature themes such as identity, responsibility and pragmatism. Mouton describes, “When creating my work, my goal is to produce art that depicts the obstacles and challenges of growing up and being an adult against the backdrop of a child’s mind, where wonder and dreams are born”. This approach relates not only to the content and conceptual basis of the works, but also in their creation. Mouton tries to work in a way that allows space for spontaneity, recalling an instinctive process often embraced in childhood and lost to the challenges and bureaucracy of adulthood and growing up. In a layered mix of a portrait, balloons, clouds and the words ‘what if it rains tomorrow?’, the painting ‘Gravity’ “speaks on the theme of fearing the worst and as a result, losing yourself in the what ifs and ultimately forgetting to be present”.

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