Jean-Baptiste Djèka-Abo Hinsan

Abo Hinsan

Jean-Baptiste Djèka


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PRESENTED BY : Christopher Moller Gallery


R 126,630.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Mixed media on canvas
Height 199.00 cm
Width 199.00 cm
Artist Jean-Baptiste Djèka
Year 2018

Signed by artist.

A powerful warrior woman or Amazon stands proud in this commanding portrait. “…in my ethnic group, the Akans, and in other groups, women have always protected the village, the society… even the king or the chief of an army…” explains Djèka. As with all Djèka’s work, symbolism reigns supreme – her arrow represents a need to press on no matter circumstances. Similarly, her power as a woman is represented by her exaggerated breasts.

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