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Kay-Leigh Fisher-A dance with Grace

A dance with Grace

Martha Kubule

Who will wipe our tears

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Edition Size 6
Medium Photograph on archival paper
Height 29.70 cm
Width 42.00 cm
Artist Martha Kubule
Year 2021
"Inyembezi zethu zosulwa ngubani nah!? ""In faith we trust"" is a phrase that comes to mind when we ask of the above. Faith and trust in the Lord, that is. This question above asks YOU, who will wipe our tears? Who is ""our"" here? Who has tears like permanent red markers on their faces? From tears cried in secret, in bedrooms and pillows and in the dark. If tears were the colour of blood would we know who is ""our""? Women and children in South Africa live in a reality of violence upon their bodies. Women are told to be most loyal to God, and the man. Women fill up places of faith and fill the rooms with their voices. Praising the Lord. Taking refuge from a harsh world on their bodies. Even in these places of worship, of refuge are not different from the world they seek refuge from. There are those same men, uncles, pastors, guy who touched her breast at the rank or the boy from school who once tried to put a finger in her vagina and she bled for the first time. Inside places of faith they too await for women. To open up, to be guided. Poor destitude lost sheep, but who have bodies that they can touch with their hands in secret. In silence, in darkness, inside the sounds of muffled cries and ""I will kill you if you tell anyone"". Who will wipe tears that have fallen in pain and are not seen. Not heard, silenced because ""the bible tells me so"". So if tears were the colour of blood would the ""our"" in ""our tears"" be seen? And if the ""our"" would mimick this violence, and return it tenfold, would we still have to question who is ""our""? ""Instimbi yigobeki but it sure as hell melts""."
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