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Songezo Zantsi-Nongena Nkomo Uyayiyta Inyama

Nongena Nkomo Uyayiyta Inyama

Nwabisa Ntlokwana

I Miss My Body The Most

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PRESENTED BY : Denzil's & Jo Art Gallery


R 12,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Papier-Mâché
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Height 105.00 cm
Width 48.00 cm
Artist Nwabisa Ntlokwana
Year 2024


Nwabisa’s work involves creating conceptually based objects from discarded materials through a modelling technique. She is particularly interested in capturing, interpreting, and representing the beauty and traumas of motherhood, drawing from her own life experiences, the stories of other mothers, cultural traditions, African practices, and memories of her late mother. Through her sculptures, Nwabisa hopes to encapsulate the multifaceted experiences of motherhood. The three prominent elements in her work are shapes, texture, and colour. She loves to leave the top layers of the papier-mâché bare to achieve a rich texture. By working with papier-mâché, she finds a profound similarity between mothers and the papier-mâché, a medium that appears fragile yet possesses great strength. This mirrors how mothers are both soft and resilient, capable of building and sustaining homes. Through her art, she aims to evoke a deep appreciation for the strength, resilience, and nurturing spirit of mothers, inviting viewers to reflect on the intricate journey of motherhood.

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