Sophia Van Wyk-Blooming S(h)el(f)ish: Praying to the Multiverse for Salvation

Blooming S(h)el(f)ish: Praying to the Multiverse for Salvation

Lebo Thoka-Bongeka Phungula

Bongeka Phungula

Sepideh Mehraban


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R 50,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Mixed media on canvas
Height 145.00 cm
Width 110.00 cm
Artist Sepideh Mehraban
Year 2021
I focus on recent Iranian history, exploring it through text, figurative works and abstraction, often drawing on the grid format of newspapers as a source of inspiration. I delve specifically into a heady and turbulent time in my birth countrys past - the 1979 revolution, a populist and nationalist movement consisting of Marxists, Islamic socialists, secularists and Shia Islamists. These diverse groups united to overthrow the monarchy but instead of a democracy ushered in an Islamic fundamentalist-led theocracy under Ruhollah Khomeini.
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