Leanie Barnard Mentz-Scorched


Daniel A. du Preez


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PRESENTED BY : Daniel A. du Preez


R 22,395.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Edition Size 0
Medium Paper, Wood, Foam board, Glue, paint
Height 44.00 cm
Width 32.00 cm
Artist Daniel A. du Preez
Year 2022

This framed and ready to hang contemporary modern pop artwork is a one of a kind authentic, original artwork, derived entirely from my own observation and imagination.

Many layers of acid free textured cut paper are used to create depth and to bring this 3 dimensional artwork to life.

I framed this artwork with a modern white handmade boxed frame that was manufactured specially for this artwork, this frame have a Plexiglas front, this means the artwork is protected from ultraviolet light.

Thank you for looking at this artwork.

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