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Herero Woman

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R 80,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Mixed media on canvas
Height 130.00 cm
Width 230.00 cm
Artist Diane Webb
Year 2020
"An Encounter between 2 woman . 2017 Far North -West of Namibia.The Artist found a Himba Village where she met a Herero Grandmother . Dressed in Splendid Victorian finery but seated on the dusty Earth, she sells her Hand -made jewelery whilst caring for her young grandson. The Artist had recently become a grandmother herself and was deeply moved. The Herero People were the victims of genocide in the early twentieth century, and only received an official apology by Germany in 2014. The Artist was compelled to record and honour this magnificent Woman. Based on strong Drawing, the Artist uses Charcoal, oil, Acrylic and Cloth Collage to Portray the Subject on Canvas. The Artwork was Chosen for Display at the Zeitz Mocaa 'Home is Where The Art Is ' Exhibition in 2020."
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