Nindya Bucktowar-Reef Fragmented 3.1

Reef Fragmented 3.1

Nindya Bucktowar-Eclipse Sconce _ Bone

Eclipse Sconce _ Bone

Nindya Bucktowar

Eclipse Sconce_Ash

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PRESENTED BY : Nindya Bucktowar


R 15,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Stoneware clay
Height 40.00 cm
Width 35.00 cm
Artist Nindya Bucktowar
Year 2023

Eclipse is a sculptural series inspired by the light sources essential to our survival. 

A wall mounted light made of two sheets of clay; a mother and a moon. A concentric regular pattern is carved on the surface as a contrast to the organic nature of the sheets.

The light cast a beautiful glow on the mother sheet highlighting the beauty of the undulating surface and the carvings.

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