Lutendo Muthala-A false sense of leverage

A false sense of leverage

Nindya Bucktowar-Reef Fragmented 2.0

Reef Fragmented 2.0

Nindya Bucktowar

Reef Fragmented 1.0

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PRESENTED BY : Nindya Bucktowar


R 65,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Stoneware clay
Height 250.00 cm
Width 100.00 cm
Artist Nindya Bucktowar
Year 2021

Reef fragmented is an homage to the disappearing reefs of the Indian Ocean. The clay fragments represent broken pieces of staghorn coral and sea urchin needles, forming an ethereal landscape which evokes a sense of place and nostalgia.

Reef Fragmented is made up of about 1500 individual handmade bead.  Each hand threaded string composing of 10-12 beads are hand tied on a suspended frame to create a three dimensional installation

The work comes with or without a suspension frame. Installation fee not included.


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