Khanyisile Mahlangu-Monochrome Melodies

Monochrome Melodies

Nessi Penman-The Invitation

The Invitation

Khanyisile Mahlangu

Monochrome Melodies III

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PRESENTED BY : Denzil's & Jo Art Gallery


R 22,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Natural Twine String + Acrylic on Canvas
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Height 150.00 cm
Width 100.00 cm
Artist Khanyisile Mahlangu
Year 2024


This series draws inspiration from the first chapter of the Christian bible where everything was first created through Gods vision. By paralleling this first chapter, this series symbolizes the birth and emergence of Khanyisile's new abstract voice.

Emphasizing the beginning of her public journey and the raw, authentic expression of her work, highlighting her abstract perspectives, creative processes, and the profound beginnings of her artistic journey. It celebrates her beginning from conception to creation, offering a profound reflection on the origins and significance of creativity in both the spiritual and artistic realms. Each art piece within this series highlights the themes of creation, beginnings, imagination and the profound power of artistic expression as a form of bringing new ideas and visions into existence.

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