IMAGINING HOME: Home As Usapho (Age As Resilience)


Knowledge have no limits (ii)

Linathi Makanda

IMAGINING HOME: Home As Nostalgia

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PRESENTED BY : Linathi Makanda


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Frame None
Edition Size 2
Medium Photography
Height (cm) 43
Width (cm) 28
Artist Linathi Makanda
Year Created 2021


Although our notion of home changes constantly, it tends to remain the same. Geographic definitions often limit our perception of this place, but at close view, it lives, breathes, and transcends what is seen on the ground.


Imagining Home as a project challenges these limitations and depicts home as an intersection of people, spaces, and time. It re-imagines home as a person, a sentiment of nostalgia captured, and all these being places you can travel to. The photographer examines a place's identity and its character as shaped by its happenings. 

Through these photographic works, we orbit the photographer's definition of home and experience the poetry of a place, space and the liminal being a grandfather, generational stagnancy or change, a childhood memory, a backyard, a Sunday afternoon, grief, electricity lines, a sunset. All these coming together to make us feel.

Home as nostalgia is an exploration of the narrower parts of our defintion of home, the objects and happenings that appear to be in the background but are as easily burnt onto our minds. These images explore how far memory can stretch and what even the most mundane of things can mean to us when we reflect and search for home.

In this instance, memory serves as a compass that even when we encounter objects in places and spaces far and foreign from what we are used to, they take us back to ourselves.