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Linathi Makanda-IMAGINING HOME: Home As Nostalgia

IMAGINING HOME: Home As Nostalgia

Linathi Makanda

IMAGINING HOME: Home As Usapho (Age As Resilience)

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PRESENTED BY : Linathi Makanda


R 15,000.00 ex. vat
More Information
Frame None
Edition Size 1
Medium Photography
Height 45.00 cm
Width 30.00 cm
Artwork Height 45
Artwork Width 30
Artist Linathi Makanda
Year 2021


Although our notion of home changes constantly, it tends to remain the same. Geographic definitions often limit our perception of this place, but at close view, it lives, breathes, and transcends what is seen on the ground.

Imagining Home as a project challenges these limitations and depicts home as an intersection of people, spaces, and time. It re-imagines home as a person, a sentiment of nostalgia captured, and all these being places you can travel to. The photographer examines a place's identity and its character as shaped by its happenings. 

Through these photographic works, we orbit the photographer's definition of home and experience the poetry of a place, space and the liminal being a grandfather, generational stagnancy or change, a childhood memory, a backyard, a Sunday afternoon, grief, electricity lines, a sunset.  All these coming together to make us feel.

As featured on the Art Gallery of Ontario's exhibition "Portraits Of Resilience", Home As Usapho (Age As Resilience) examines life experience and its effects on the ones who have lived here throughout time. It aims to show that there is power in longevity and that it is possible to be joyful despite the experiences that come with age.

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