Gillian Rosselli-See What You Made Me Do To You?

See What You Made Me Do To You?

Martina Gruber

So Far

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Frame None
Medium Digital print on Epson enhanced matt paper
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Height 38.00 cm
Width 58.00 cm
Artist Martina Gruber
Year 2022

In the tradition of American writer Joan Didion, Gruber photographs solely to find out what she is thinking, what she is looking at, what she is seeing and what that means. Gruber is a photographer, social anthropologist, a wanderer, a gatherer of inspiration from journeys. As an artist Martina explores the medium of still and moving images, printmaking and is drawn to the seemingly unremarkable, peoples' stories, reflections and the wide view. Her works are observations of her changing surroundings in the social landscapes and tell narratives around the beauty and challenges of everyday life.

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