Matt Slater-Autumnal Glimpses no.56

Autumnal Glimpses no.56

Lisime Sibeko-Untitled XI

Untitled XI

Matt Slater

Autumnal Glimpses no.46

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PRESENTED BY : Matt Slater


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Frame None
Edition Size 0
Medium Naturally toned pigment print and thread
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Height 52.00 cm
Width 68.00 cm
Artist Matt Slater
Year 2021


Autumnal Glimpses explores human’s relationship with the natural world, impermanence and the beauty of nature’s transitory states.

I wanted the subject to influence the work by incorporating surrounding plant matter in stages of the process such as scanning the negatives and toning the prints.

One morning I found trees wrapped with string sculpted by the wind and rain. Later I attempted to mimic these abstract lines in the images using thread.

The printed fragments, each uniquely toned, are then reassembled and sewn together. The image chronicles traces of the process – scratches, fingerprints and repairs remain a part of the image


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