Tshepiso Moropa-Ring’a Ring’o Roses (The Playground)

Ring’a Ring’o Roses (The Playground)

Claude Chandler-Brume


Tshepiso Moropa

The Connection

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PRESENTED BY : Tshepiso Moropa


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Frame None
Edition Size 10
Medium Collage
Height 84.10 cm
Width 59.40 cm
Artist Tshepiso Moropa
Year 2023

Moropa beautifully unpacks the layered nature of the self and the distinct personal markers that define and inform our journeys toward achieving a sense of wholeness and acceptance within. This body of work builds on the artists ongoing exploration of the Black female body through time and space. She situates her subjects in various times throughout history and by doing so re-inserts them into times and spaces where they would historically have been excluded.

Her images further explore subjectivity and representation with the artist depicting herself in her works as a figure central to their narratives. Inserting her own image and form into her collages Moropa also addresses the lack of centrality of Black bodies and narratives from mainstream discourse and visual art spaces on the African continent and globally.

Using her signature digital collaging and illustrative layering techniques the artist creates new and hopeful portraits that affirm the identities of her generation through the use of contemporary visual and digital art making practices as a conscious intervention.

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